CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting

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Operational level

This is first level of the professional qualification.

The CIMA Professional qualification is recognised worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualification for business.

Join a global organisation powered by two of the world’s leading accounting bodies (AICPA – the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CIMA). We work together to make management accounting the most valued profession in business worldwide. As a CIMA-qualified professional, you will be able to drive business success. You will use your financial knowledge to influence strategic decisions and manage performance.

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Who Should Enrol

Before you can get started on the Professional qualification, you will need a foundation in business or accounting studies. These can be: - The CIMA Certificate in business accounting. - A Master’s in accounting or an MBA. - Proof of membership of ICWAI, ICMAP or ICMAB. - Proof of membership of an IFAC body. Any relevant qualification which gains you exemptions from the CIMA Certificate in business accounting i.e. Diploma, BCom Degree, Honours Degree etc.

Benefits of doing this course

Operational level This is first level of the professional qualification. You will learn how to: - Prepare financial statements. - Provide management accounting information. - Use appropriate tools for decision making through a broad understanding of business. After successfully completing this level, you will receive the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.

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Starting Date : February 8, 2016
Duration : 11 Weeks
Level :
Seats Available :
Course Fee : R5,700 part-time or R4,000 online

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